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The Lab | Anatomy

Taught by anatomy professor and PBTT Founding faculty Kristin Schley, this 2-day workshop illustrates how the mechanics of the human body relate to movement.

If you are a student or teacher of Pilates, yoga, personal training, or any branch of fitness, you need this course. You will leave this workshop with a strong sense of anatomy and how to apply that new knowledge to your workouts and those of your clients.

What is covered:
✶ Structure & function of the muscular and skeletal systems
✶ Deep dive into joints
✶ Fascia - what it is and why it matters
✶ Optimal and sub-optimal functions - how to identify and why it's important
✶ Methods for restoration and repair

This course has been designed specifically for fitness specialties and is open to all - no need to be a student of PBTT to join this workshop.