It is easier to follow a path that has been forged by others than it is to blaze a trail ourselves…

Hello, hello! It has been quite a year here in Houston, and we have some exciting changes to share with you. We were (and continue to be) inspired by the rally of the people of Houston during the crisis of Hurricane Harvey, and how quickly everyone came together during a time of need. We banded together to help one another to safety above the rising floodwaters. We shared what we had with those who needed it, without asking for anything in return. Strangers opened up their doors to offer shelter to those trapped in the rain, and neighbors made meals for those without power. Compassion was the unifying language, with kindness, bravery, and selflessness, being the song. The mantra #HoustonStrong became a unifying statement of strength - the resiliency of the community, and the power of weathering the storm together - sharing umbrellas when there were not enough to go around.

We would like to extend an invitation for YOU to join us in a unifying campaign within the Pilates world. One of inclusivity and shared goals. A movement that supports a growing community that inspires hope and spreads positivity. One that starts with blazing a trail off the beaten path…

Our first exciting change is the announcement of the restructuring the Board of Directors into three Co-Chair positions. Jessie Zamer, Jessica Sowyrda, and Alicia Malouff represent your new board for Texas Pilates Association, and we are so excited to get to know each of you! We are proud to live in a city that celebrates community, and we want you to know: you are always welcome to stand under our umbrellas!

Our next change is the introduction of a new tier to Texas Pilates Association memberships. A “Student Membership” level is now available for individuals in Teacher Training Programs, or simply students (and supporters!) of Pilates. The $40 membership is open to anyone looking to be more involved in the local Pilates community and will grant members access to educational workshops and social events including Pilates Day, held the first Saturday of May each year.

As always, the Texas Pilates Association is a non-profit professional organization. Our mission is to provide community, support and education to Pilates professionals in the state of Texas and beyond. By providing networking and educational opportunities our organization hopes to reach each and every Pilates teacher and studio owner. We invite you to help share your love of Pilates and movement with the rest of our community, so come on in and join the party!

We can’t wait to meet and connect with each of you! When the rain comes pouring down, it's nice to know you can always #sharemyumbrella!

In Health,

Alicia Malouff

Co-Chair, Board of Directors Member